March 26, 2018

a Better way to get nowhere quickly...


This, honestly, sounds more like one of those writing prompt generators than a reliable mapping system.

Radically revamping our standard mapping and location systems is what what3words has set out to do. And do it they have, by breaking the map into 3m x 3m grid squares and identifying each square with a unique set of three words.

Three words. That’s all it would take to accurately locate a person or place. They are easier to remember than a string of numbers or complicated directions and have been translated into numerous languages for easy use around the world.

Let’s take a few examples:

You have to meet friends at the local park or stadium for a concert or gathering – but are unsure of exactly WHERE in the park or stadium you have to meet.

You need to send a package to a person in a large security complex that has multiple entrances. The street number is of no help whatsoever and your delivery person wastes time driving from one entrance to the other.

You work for the emergency services and you get a call out to help someone in a remote location. But the target area is rather large and you cannot afford to waste time trying to find the person in need of emergency medical attention.

Not to mention all those people living in informal settlements and rural areas that would not have access to everyday necessities because getting it to them is next to impossible because our standard addressing system does not cater to their circumstances.

Their app can be viewed both online and offline and has assisted communities and organisations, in South Africa and around the world, for the last six years to better their delivery systems, from post and packages to delivering aid and emergency services.

Mercedes Benz has even integrated what3words into their voice activated navigation system as part of the new 2018 A-Class. What3words is also looking into integrating into self-driving vehicles in order to make their mapping and GPS systems more accurate.

As of 2018, Erasmus Media will be adding what3words addresses to all of our websites.