The answer to that is a definite YES! The most important reason being that your website needs to be mobile friendly.

There are many surveys that have been done over the last few years that show the usage of mobile devices – tablets and phones – has grown tremendously. With access to technology that is updated and improved on almost a weekly basis, more people are turning to the devices that allow them to access information anytime, from anywhere.

Service providers are also gearing up and adapting to this market. The most notable being, of course, ‘Mobilegeddon’ in April 2015, when Google updated their search engine parameters to favour mobile-friendly, or responsive design, websites.

No matter the product or service that you offer, can you afford to still depend on a website that is slow and rigid, frustrating potential customers who are accessing it on their mobile devices – if they can access it at all. Would you not rather have a website that is quick loading, easy to access, with the minimum of navigation, laying out all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Now that the new year has gotten underway, take some time to look at your website. Does it fulfill all the above criteria? Should it not be put to use at its maximum potential as, usually, the first point of access to your business? 

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